Multidisciplinary Art Director & Graphic Designer with experience across a wide range of visual communication disciplines.

"She’s worked on brand identity, packaging, illustration, video and other print and digital products. Randi enjoys making really useful things as well as really useless things. She is idea driven with a passion for design aesthetic and craft. 
She favors a playful but refined approach towards work. She is fascinated by Scandinavian minimalism, and works by the motto “keep it simple”. She believes that hard work and passion are key elements in creating good and compelling projects"

Tea drinker .  Packaging fanatic . Anime watcher . Sushi lover . Collector of cuteness . Photographer .  Traveler . Colorful . Cake decorator . Seamstress . illustrator . 50s furniture . Tiny house lover .

I'm currently looking for a creative place to work. So if you or someone you know are looking for at creative graphic designer like me. Please feel free to drop me a line or two.

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